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Colussy Chevrolet


  • Dealership Contacts (412) 564-4132
    • Tim Colussy Photo
      Tim Colussy
    • Jon Colussy Photo
      Jon Colussy
  • Sales (412) 564-4132
    • Scott Ritchey Photo
      Scott Ritchey
      General Sales Manager
    • Dave Falcione Photo
      Dave Falcione
      Sales Manager
    • Tom Priano Photo
      Tom Priano
      Inventory Manager
    • Bill Shulik Photo
      Bill Shulik
      Sales Associate
    • Bob Allie Photo
      Bob Allie
      Sales Associate
    • Kyra Sherba Photo
      Kyra Sherba
      Sales Associate
    • Vic Gorney Photo
      Vic Gorney
      Sales Associate
    • Bill Jackson Photo
      Bill Jackson
      Sales Associate
    • Terry Mannering Photo
      Terry Mannering
      Sales Associate
    • Nick Vukotich Photo
      Nick Vukotich
      Sales Associate
    • Barbara Newman Photo
      Barbara Newman
      Sales Associate
    • Matt Colussy Photo
      Matt Colussy
      Sales Associate
    • Josh McCann Photo
      Josh McCann
      Sales Associate
  • Finance (412) 564-4132
    • Joe Holmes Photo
      Joe Holmes
      Business Manager
    • Beth Groh Photo
      Beth Groh
      Business Manager